To read www.anjazz.no in English or other languages using Google Translate, click this link.


In the new browser window the default selected language is English, but a host of other languages are supported as well. Use the "Translate into:" drop down menu at the top of the page to select the desired language and click the "Translate" button above it.


This is an automatic translation for which we can offer no guarantee regarding correctness.

Although it seems to translate to English fairly well most of the time, beware of the odd word and sentence in between. At least some of them are quite amusing! For example, it will attempt to translate THIS page from Norwegian to your selected language, which does not work well at all since it is actually written in English.


Here is a small wrap up of the misbehaviour that has been observed:

  • it seems to break our text formatting from time to time 
  • it seems to break our image presentation all the time! 
  • Nouns are translated, for example names of artists

That said, we hope it works well enough to help our foreign visitors enjoy our site.


In case you have questions, please use the contact information on this page.